Creating & Editing Polygons on Maps


Polygons can be drawn on a map to define a space as a specific location. Each location is associated with a region and a location type.

Create Polygon

Add content > Create Location >

  1. Choose Name
  2. Zoom into map
  3. Click Polygon icon in top right map corner
  4. click to add first point of polygon; keep clicking for direction changes; double-click polygon to close
  5. Choose Location Type (can choose more than one by using Control key while clicking drop-down list options)
  6. Choose Region
  7. Add Text to Body
  8. Save


Edit Polygon

Open Location webpage > Edit >

  1. Zoom into map
  2. click polygon > circles appear on edge > click & grab edge circles to move to new spot > release
  3. double-click edge, and drag mouse to create a new edge circle to edit boundary
  4. > Save